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After many years of raising alfalfa and feeding hundreds of animals, we have tried many varieties of alfalfa.  Our selected varieties of Alfalfa continue to produce a fine stem hay that your animals will enjoy. A 110 lbs. average bale weight is attempted but varies due to hay type and environmental conditions.  For your convenience, all alfalfa purchased is loaded free of charge, and we are now capable of accepting major credit cards with the use of our secure server.

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Did You Know?  Alfalfa Hay is believed to have originated in southwestern Asia.  Historical accounts indicate that it was first cultivated in Persia.  From there it was taken to Greece in the 5th century BC and to Spain in the 8th century AD.  Spaniards introduced alfalfa to North and South America.  Its extension over the irrigated sections of the western United States began in 1854, when it was taken to San Francisco from Chile.  source: Encarta

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