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closeup of wheat kernels
Wheat Kernels - close-up

Mount Lassen Farms Wheat

Wheat is a very important part of almost everybody's diet. The wheat that Mount Lassen Farms has chosen to grow is Anza.  Because you are buying the whole kernels and not just flour, you are being assured that you are getting all that nature has to offer. The grain is stored in our USDA-approved storage facility for quality assurance.

By grinding the wheat yourself, the fresh wheat flour contains the wheat germ which is taken out of regular flour so that it will store. 


  Product Description:

Anza is a Hard Red Winter wheat that is great for bread making, soups, and if you have a wheat grinder, fresh flour.  It can also be grown for a number of other uses.

The golden grains of Anza are crunchy followed by a unique fresh taste that can only be achieved with whole kernels of wheat.   

N E W !!
Visit Our Recipe Box for Wheat recipes!  Whole wheat flour contains the entire nutritious wheat kernel, unlike all-purpose flour.  Whole wheat flour is a good source of fiber as well as essential vitamins and minerals.


Did You Know? Wheat stored in the right conditions will last for a life time and then some. In the pyramids of Egypt, wheat was found that dated back 4500 years. When planted it grew. The pyramids got their name from the triangle-shaped wheat cakes that the Greeks called pyramis.   

Nutrients in Whole Wheat

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