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Green Walnuts

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Mount Lassen Green Walnuts

Next to the Sacramento River, Mount Lassen Farms Green Walnuts are growing as uninhibited as the river itself. Quietly and unnoticed these walnut trees are embedding themselves into the deep and fertile river bottom soil. The walnuts that are produced from these trees make the trees as special as the nuts themselves.


  Product Description:

The Green Walnuts are hand picked toward the end of June before the shell inside the hull hardens.  They are picked and shipped the same day.  It is a fresh product that ships well and we have seen the walnuts take six days to reach their destination in excellent condition, but the shipping option is left up to our customers to choose.  They are great for making liqueur, pickling or any other use you may have.  If your recipe calls for a certain number of green walnuts to be used, a good approximation is 7 to 10 green walnuts per pound.

2013 crop will ship the week of June 24 unless you need them some other time.

Please include any special instructions on the order form right after your credit card information. You can also use the "contact us" button at the bottom of this page or email

1 lb./Each  $5.00

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Did You Know? In the late 1700s Spanish missionaries brought "hard-shelled" walnuts to CA; In the 1860s-1870s "soft-shelled" walnuts and the first commercial orchards were introduced; In the 1940s-1960s the walnut industry moved to northern CA.   source: UC Davis-Walnut Facts

Walnuts are naturally cholesterol-free and are loaded with protein and vitamin E.

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