Our alfalfa field ...
Mount Lassen Farms

Located in the great central valley of northern California where the streams of the Sierra Nevada mountain range deposited their fertile volcanic soil millions of years ago, a father and his three sons work to bring you the best walnuts, almonds, wheat, peaches, nectarines, pluots and everybody's favorite, sugar plums.  Horse-quality alfalfa hay is also grown.  Genetically altered products are not grown. The Rumiano family is experienced and committed to bringing you the best of these all-natural products.

Mount Lassen Farms practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The IPM approach allows us to produce a "Naturally Pure  Product" that is wholesome and favorable to the consumer.  Because you are dealing directly with the farmer, you can be assured that you know how and where your food is grown.  Product accountability is accomplished when you are dealing one on one with the farmer.  At the grocery store your food products have been "picked over" by shoppers before you, leaving you the leftovers to choose from.  Here at Mount Lassen Farms, you are first in line to receive the "Reserve" selection of our products.

Freshness and quality are greatly enhanced when you are virtually harvesting the products yourself.  We wish to offer our customers the finest farm products delivered directly from our fields to your home.  By having a direct relationship with our customers, we can harvest our crops at their ultimate ripeness to ensure you the best nature has to offer.